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ComGraf, LLC was founded as a product design and development firm with a focus on sporting goods. We have been involved in a wide range of product development products ranging from softball bats to bicycle wheels and SCUBA equipment. ComGraf's entry into firearms design and manufacturing began in September 2012, following several conversations with a classmate at a college reunion. The original idea was to simply build a custom AR -- the traditional approach most first-time builders have taken over the years. Following the changes in CT's assault weapons law in 2013, the goal morphed into a project to design and build a CT legal AR-platform rifle based on a fixed magazine lower receiver. ComGraf became an ATF licensed gun manufacturer in the Spring of 2014.

Some great "toys" were on display at that reunion!

A little background about the founder: Doug graduated from West Point with a general engineering degree and later spent two years at MIT acquiring a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. After 10 years of service as a commissioned officer, including Airborne and Ranger training, he left the Army and spent the next 35 years in a variety of product and process development roles and technical innovation consulting. Along the way, he also built up a small "skunk works" machine shop and acquired the SolidWorks modeling expertise required to design and build prototypes. 

The "Skunk Works" and pictures of early-stage Lower Receiver development.

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