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What makes an AR-platform rifle using one of these products legal in CT?


Before anything else is said, you have to know that there is no "black and white" when it comes to what is legal in Connecticut regarding firearms. In today's political environment, the CT State Police will not issue any form of definitive written opinion with regard to a particular firearm design. This leaves it to the individual to become knowledgeable about the law and make an informed decision about whether to accept any seller's claims . This also applies to CT gun dealers -- some have chosen to sell ComGraf's products; others have chosen to take a more conservative approach and sell only pre-bans within the AR-platform category. The explanation which follows describes the logic behind ComGraf's product design and why these products are believed to comply with both the letter and the spirit of the law. No claims are made as to the legality of these products in NY, CA or elsewhere.


The CT Assault Weapons ban defines an assault weapon in great detail. Except for "banned by name" firearms and copies or duplicates, however, restrictions generally apply only to firearms which meet all three of the following requirements:


  • Semi-automatic

  • Centerfire

  • Has the ability to accept a detachable magazine


If those three provisions do not apply, all the other restrictions disappear. (It is separately required that the fixed magazine capacity is limited to 10 rounds and the overall length of the rifle is not less than 30".)  Our model CGAR15FM lower receiver fixes the magazine such that disassembly of the receiver is needed to remove and replace it. While this is certainly more restrictive than approaches like the "Bullet Button" used in CA or the ARMagLock sold elsewhere, it generally ensures these firearms fully comply with CT law. 


Want to talk to an expert on the CT AW Ban legislation?









Or examine the opinion letter above from Atty Miller. It has been endorsed by Atty. Fishbein.




How does your CGAR15FM Receiver differ from a standard Lower Receiver?

In the photos on the Home page, notice that the standard magazine catch hardware has been omitted on the CGAR15FM receiver, as have the machined details that would accept them -- the slot on the left side, the through hole and the oval counterbore on the right side. In their place is a simple screw and a special retention nut that securely anchor a 10 round magazine in the lower receiver. An additional feature, what we call an "A-Lok" device, is a set screw installed behind the pivot pin that also holds the magazine in place. It's a belts and suspenders approach to magazine retention. This A-Lok device requires complete separation of upper and lower receivers to remove a magazine. To simplify the process of reloading, the standard takedown pin has been replaced with a pin incorporating a large pull ring.


How are these Lower Receivers made?

The CGAR15FM Lower Receiver is manufactured to ComGraf's proprietary design requirements by one of the top CNC machine shops in CT, JV Precision Machine Company, in Seymour. JV is a second generation family owned company that has offered precision CNC machining services to a wide variety of US industries since 1975. They specialize in both large  and small part machining, operating out of a 72,000 sq. ft. facility which is fully equipped for close tolerance machining of steels, stainless steels, cast iron, high temperature alloys, aluminum, brass and machinable plastics. They begin with a 7075-T6 forging, use a dedicated tooling setup for high volume  CNC production to rough-out the magazine well and finish all the other part features, and then finalize the magazine well to ComGraf's specific design requirements using a wire EDM machine. Mil-spec black anodizing is applied by a qualified vendor.


Why shouldn't I just buy one of the pre-bans instead?

If this is your first purchase of an AR-platform rifle and you can find exactly what you want in the pre-bans being made available to buyers in CT, this could actually be a better choice, primarily because they do not introduce any complications in the loading of standard magazines and are specifically approved as legal within the 2013 statutes. (Note: a judicial ruling in the summer of 2017 has complicated the sale of pre-bans. Be sure you understand the implications of that ruling before you buy.) Alternatively, if you choose to start with our lower receiver, you can customize it with your choice of the many triggers, barrels, hand guards, stocks, etc. available as after-market products to make a legal AR-platform rifle that is truly your own. Going this route, the overall cost of ownership will probably end up being far lower than if you started with a pre-ban. 

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