ComGraf, LLC is a licensed gun manufacturer operating in the State of Connecticut. We design and develop products that allow you to build an AR-15 style rifle that is CT compliant. (See the FAQ page for a discussion about what makes a product legal in CT.)


The CGAR15FM Lower Receiver shown to the left, with its fixed 10-round magazine, is fully compatible with any available Upper Receiver and barrel chambered for 5.56 mm, .223 caliber, 300 Blackout, 6.8 mm SPC or .30 Rem cartridges. It has the advantage that collapsible stocks, pistol and forward grips, flash suppressors, bayonet lugs and virtually any other features normally associated with the platform can be used. The design, based on standard AR forging blanks, is simple and elegant while offering a practical solution for home defense, hunting and target practice that meet both the letter and the spirit of CT's law.


We also offer a Pump Action Rifle conversion kit



Our complete lower receiver assembly version includes an installed 10-round magazine, full LPK, and a collapsible stock. These lowers are sold through our FFL dealer network.


Our pump action rifle conversion kit allows you to modify a standard semi-automatic AR-15 rifle into a manually operated pump action rifle.


Call if you'd like to discuss any of these products: 203-215-2031.   

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