Pump Action Rifles and Pistols

Downloadable assembly instructions are available here.

We supply conversion kits you apply to your own upper and we build custom uppers to your specifications.

Conversion kits are designed for use on rifle-length HBAR barrels with 0.75" diameter gas block journals and consist of:

  1. Full-length Picatinny rail guide

  2. Modified bolt carrier key

  3. Rear guide support and cover

  4. Turnbuckle nut

  5. Hand grip

  6. Modified gas block

Custom uppers can be built for virtually any barrel length, caliber or type that is designed for use with the AR-15 platform. You pick the upper receiver, BCG and barrel. We put them together in our shop. Custom uppers are now listed on our SHOP page. Please call to discuss.

Key design features of all ComGraf PARs:


  • The hand grip is supported on the barrel itself and guided (prevented from rotating) by the full-length Picatinny rail.

  • The bolt is kept in battery by the recoil/buffer spring. 

.17 Caliber PAR

.17 Caliber Carbine Barrel

Beowulf Muzzle End View.jpg

.50 Caliber Beowulf barrel in pump action pistol configuration