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Testimonial by Jesse Finkelman

October 17, 2023

So these are my current two builds that Doug has put together for me. Needs to be established that I am a committed "pump-rifle" guy. I have 4 Remington 7600's and five 7615's -( a 7600 w/a .223/5.56 magwell made originally for police use). I also have two of a competitor's pump AR offering in .223/5.56 and .308, respectively. Obviously pump rifles operate similarly to pump shotguns - but there most of those similarities end imo. 


The ComGraf design is so unique and functional it's difficult to elaborate on all the ways that's true. Over the top - the reliability and feel of the action in operation is exceptional - a bit like a bear-trap with sealed bearings. It is incredibly satisfying both to feel and hear. Additionally, the fact that the design retains a charging handle and bolt release that are both fully functional blows my mind - "the other" pump AR has neither. When you get away from gas operation you sacrifice fire rate - BUT you gain the subtraction of ALL the b@llsh@t that comes w/AR gas guns. No hung rounds, no ejection issues, no gas block adjustments. The ComGraf pump is just inherently more reliable - analogous to revolver v auto pistols, but w/out capacity concerns. 


My two uppers are in .223/5.56 and .350 Legend. The former has a Ballistic Advantage barrel and Aero receiver. The .350 is a converted BCA budget upper. Both run on any of the three lowers I have - Aero M4, PSA, and Foxtrot Mike almost identically. The .350L is a 1.5 MOA shooter out to 150 yards and the .223/5.56 is sub-1 MOA @100, about 1@200, and dings the 4 in gong plate @300 all day long. And folks - that's with budget Vortex scopes on both - 3x9 Vanquish on the .223/5.56 and their 2x7 scout/pistol scope on the .350L. 


I'm in no way compensated to write this and I am a full-price customer - and will be again soon. I have a pending build for a .400 Legend for which the barrel should ship shortly. 

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